DiSSCo/GBIF network seminar

Network seminar for DiSSCo (Distributed System of Scientific Collections) and GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) in Norway on 6th and the 7th of February 2020. The seminar had a focus on developing a governance structure for GBIF and DiSSCo in Norway. The seminar was open to all interested parties and was streamed online as a webcast to allow for remote participants.

A two-day event with three parts.


Thursday 6th February Morning (10-12): DiSSCo-Norway

Consolidating the Norwegian consortium for DiSSCo. Discussion and planning of activities. This section before lunch is most relevant for university museums in Norway.

12:00 Lunch (baguettes, served at Tøyen Manor)

Thursday 6th February Afternoon (13-16): GBIF-Norway 

Preparing a new Norwegian consortium for GBIF-Norway. Discussion, planning, and establishment. Invited participation from the GBIF secretariatLiving NorwayFinlandNetherlands, and Sweden. This section in the afternoon of February 6th is most relevant for institutions that already have (or plan to have) active participation in providing GBIF services in Norway (including DiSSCo and Living Norway).

13:00 Welcome and goals for the meeting (Hugo de Boer and Dag Endresen) (slides) (video)

13:10 Recommendations from the GBIF Secretariat on establishing effective GBIF nodes and node governance models (Mélianie Raymond, GBIF Secretariat) (video)

13:15 Recommendations from the GBIF-Norway advisory board on forming a new GBIF-Norway consortium (Fridtjof Mehlum, Nils Valland, and Solveig Bakken)

13:30 Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure - SBDI (Anders Telenius) (video)

14:00 Governance of Biodiversity informatics infrastructures: experiences from Finland (Leif Schulman, LUOMUSFinBIFCETAF) online presentation (videovideo-zoom)

14:30 Coffee break

15:00 Recommendations from the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Facility (Arild Lindgaard, NBIC, Artsdatabanken) (slides) (video)

15:00 Break-out group discussion

Task 1: work on forming a new consortium governance model for GBIF-Norway, including distributed responsibility for providing national GBIF-node services among consortium partners, and protocols for accepting new consortium members. Discussion on the process for preparing a GBIF-Norway research Infrastructure proposal with the application deadline in November 2020.

Task 2: collect best practices from GBIF-node and national biodiversity infrastructure governance structures established in Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, and include best practices and recommendations collected by the GBIF Secretariat.

16:00 Short wrap-up from group discussion

18:15 Hosted Dinner at SüdØst Asian CrossoverTrondheimsveien 5, 0560 Oslo

Friday 7th February - open symposium on DiSSCo and GBIF

Full day symposium on national and international initiatives and projects related to DiSSCo and GBIF. Discussion on creating a governance platform to coordinate Norwegian participation in national and international infrastructure projects in biodiversity.

Webcast with video-streaming for remote participants. Participants were asked for consent to the video-streaming and recording during the registration at arrival. The video recordings only show the presenter and not the participants.

Program - times reported as CET

09:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Welcome to the seminar (Hugo de Boer and Dag Endresen)

10:10 Global Biodiversity Information Facility - GBIF, and governance models for national biodiversity information facilities (BIFs) (Mélianie RaymondGBIF Secretariat) (slides) (video)

10:40 Distributed System of Scientific Collections - DiSSCo and governance models for national DiSSCo Nodes (Dimitris KoureasDiSSCo Coordination Office) (slides) (video)

11:10 Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility (NLBIF) as DiSSCo- and GBIF-node (Niels RaesNaturalis) (slides) (video)

11:40 Swedish Biodiversity Data Infrastructure (SBDI), GBIF-SwedenBioAtlas.seSwedish LifeWatch (Anders TeleniusSwedish Museum of Natural History) (slides 1slides 2slides 3) (video)

12:10 Questions and discussion

12:30 Lunch (wraps, served at Tøyen Manor)

13:30 Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre - NBIC (Knut Anders HovstadArtsdatabanken) (slides) (video)

13:50 Using open ecology data in research and education (John Arvid GrytnesEECRG, University in Bergen) (slides) (video)

14:10 Living Norway Ecological Data Network (Erlend NilsenNINA) (slides) (video)

14:30 Coffee break (with Danish pastry)

15:00 Discussion on common governance models for DiSSCo, GBIF. Do we want to build a distributed “Norwegian Biodiversity Information Facility”? Based on the Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre (NBIC), GBIF-Norway, Living Norway Ecological Data Network, Norwegian Barcode of Life (NorBOL), etc?

16:00 Closing of the seminar

Tags: DiSSCo, GBIF, open research data, Biodiversity informatics, museomics, scientific collections, open science, fair data
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